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ScoopFree® offers three choices with their Scoop Free litter box. You can opt for the Scoop Free Ultra, which comes with a nice privacy hood for your shy cat. They offer the Scoop Free Slide, which is the manual version, if you don’t want the automated models. And there is the Scoop Free Original automated self-cleaning litter box.

ScoopFree® was interested in creating a cleaner, healthier, and more convenient litter box for cats and owners, equally. It is widely known that cats are quite picky about the conditions of their litter box. And it’s obvious that owners don’t enjoy scooping filthy litter boxes, let alone changing out the entire litter box liner.

ScoopFree Offers a Healthier, Cleaner Litter Box Option

Vets recommend that owners clean their cats litter boxes at least once a day to provide a healthy bathroom experience for their cat. For those who have more than one cat, once a day may not be enough. So now you’re scooping litter multiple times a day. You shovel the waste, usually into a pail, where it sits for a week or more; leaving odors to linger and infect the air around.

Any one of the three ScoopFree litter box models are self-cleaning trays, that help you provide your cat with a clean box every visit, and help stow away the waste and odors for an easy, once-a-week removal. The Ultra and the Original models both have automated cleaning cycles that are triggered when your cat enters, uses, and leaves the tray. The sensors detect that your cat has left, and then automatically send a rake combing through the litter, sweeping the left overs into a nice, closed compartment for later disposal. The Original and Ultra both then scoop your litter box for you, not once a day, but after every use. Your cat will have a fresh litter box every time they step in it, leaving them very happy.

Disposal of the trays could not be easier. The ScoopFree tray comes all prepared for you. They are lined with plastic, filled with the Premium Blue Crystals, and come with a box top for easy and clean disposal. You simply slide out the tray when it’s time to change it. You place the top back onto the box and throw it away. You then take the fresh tray, remove the top, and easily slide the new one back into the Scoop Free Litter Box. The same trays fit in the Original, Ultra, and the Slider models.

The Scoop Free Ultra, Original, and Slider Model Comparison

The Ultra comes with the most features. The three main differences are that the Ultra comes with a privacy hood, allowing for your cat to go in private, out of site. The hood also helps with keeping any lingering odors inside the box. The Ultra also features the option to have the automatic rake activate 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat has finished using and left the litter box. Sometimes you don’t want to wait the standard 20 minutes between use and cleaning. Another inventive feature is the meter that counts the amount of times your cat has used the box between the changing of the Scoop Free Tray. This will help you keep track of the frequency of use, so that you will know exactly when you should change the tray for a fresh one.

The Original model does not come with a privacy hood, or a health counter. The automated cleaning is set for a standard 20-minute cycle. It is fully automated, and uses the same tray size as the Ultra and the Slider. For those who might worry about their cat getting stuck inside the tray if the rake is combing through the litter, don’t fear. The sensors inside will detect if your cat is inside and automatically stop the rakes, and retract them, allowing you cat to safely use or investigate their litter box. It is completely safe.

The Scoop Free Slider is a manual self-cleaning litter box. You simply use a handle over the rake, and easily slide the rake down the box, to comb out the waste. It neatly shuffles the waste into a closed compartment, which then the tray can be changed later. There’s no scooping, no storing of waste in a pail or trash, and there’s no worries. The manual motion is easy for all to use, and prevents you from having to get dirty. This option may be good for those who own skittish cats, who may be intimidated by the motors on the Ultra or Original models.

The beautiful thing is that, if you buy any one of the three models, they all use the same trays and Premium Blue Crystals. Each model works well in eliminating odors, and neatly stores any waste cleanly in the compartment of the tray. You simply slide out the old tray and insert a new, fresh one. They are all every easy to use.