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Are you one of those folks who are considering getting a discreet cat furniture that can double as an actual piece for your home? There are tons of good options that you can choose from but not all of them might be worth investing in.

If you’re ready to splurge on a good piece anyway, why not opt for a solid wood pick? This Boomer & George Carter Mid-Century Modern Cat Litter Box review can present a good option for that. Made of solid wood, this litter box cabinet looks more like an actual home furniture than a cat furniture. So in terms of being discreet, it might just do the trick.

Should you give it a shot? Learn for yourself by getting to know this product better.


To help you determine whether the Boomer & George Carter Mid-Century Modern Cat Litter Box is a good match for you, get to know what it has to offer with its list of features:

Mid-Century Modern Design

One look and you’ll know that the Carter is a timeless piece. Its mid-century modern style gives it a classic appeal that won’t look dated or outdated any time soon. Its clean lines and uncluttered design allow it to complement most modern homes today.

This design also lets it blend in undetected in any space around your home. No one will know that it’s actually your cat’s litter box until they see the kitty hole on the side.

Solid Wood Construction

One of the strongest suits of this product is the fact that it’s made of actual solid wood. The manufacturer didn’t note what kind of wood they used, though. As it looks and feels sturdy, it shouldn’t really be an issue.

2 Sliding Front Doors

Providing access to the insides of the cabinet is the two sliding front doors that come with this product. Both are mounted on wheels to make it easy to move. You can also easily take them out so you can carefully take out your pet’s litter tray without the risks of spilling.

Side Kitty Hole

Providing your pet an instant access to their toilet is its side kitty hole. It’s designed to be positioned on the right side but you can also easily install it on the left should you wish. This will give you the freedom to place it anywhere inside your home.

Interior Divider

Due to its size, it can provide plenty of space for your cat litter box. To maximize the space inside, it’s also designed with an interior divider. You can then use the smaller space to store kitty litter and other cleaning materials. You can also opt not to install the divider entirely if you need more space inside.

Product Benefits

Aside from learning about its capabilities, you might also be interested in how this product can benefit you as a cat parent. What are the advantages you can enjoy from owning the Boomer & George Carter litter box? Here are a few feedbacks that might appeal to you:

Offers Good Value for Your Money

With its solid wood construction and attractive design, you can be sure that this product can offer more bang for your buck. Not only does it guarantee durability but as it looks just like a regular piece of furniture, your guests will be surprised that it’s actually a cat furniture. You can also make the most out of this product as you can use the surface as a table while the cat uses the interiors as a toilet.

Stylish Design

The fact that this cat litter box looks stylish bears repeating because it’s certainly one of the best-looking options you can get today. While there are tons of other attractive cat litter box cabinets out there, not all of them has the same retro touch. Also, not all of them are made of actual wood which makes this product even more luxurious.

Provides Storage Solutions

The Carter is designed to address your needs for a good cat litter box cabinet. So aside from keeping the cat litter tray out of sight, it can also hold your cat toilet’s essentials. They’re stored separately from the cat litter tray so you can be sure that your cat won’t get to the litter bag while they’re in the toilet.

Sturdy Construction

Another benefit that you can be sure to enjoy with this item is its sturdy construction. Its materials alone can already ensure quality but its design and assembly can also offer such. It won’t buckle under the weight of your pet and the other contents of the cabinet. You can even use the top surface as a table should you need to.

Prevent Messes

By containing your pet’s litter box, this product can make home maintenance a bit easier for you. No more need to constantly vacuum the area around their litter box to get spilled pieces of litter.
They won’t get out of the box anymore with the help of this cat litter box cabinet.

Buyer Feedback

All of the points mentioned above will surely sound promising but to make a good decision, you should also know how this product actually performs. To do that, you should know what people are saying about the Carter mid-century litter box cabinet. For this, we’ve rounded up some of the most commonly mentioned points about this product.


Almost every reviewer praised the beauty of this item. So if you want to make sure to get a gorgeous cat furniture, add this to your shortlist. It might just be one of the sturdiest and prettiest picks out there.

Easy to Put Together

You will need to assemble the Boomer & George Carter so you have to be ready for some manual labor. The good thing is that it’s not that hard to put together so it shouldn’t be a big challenge for those who are not very handy.

Can be Assembled According to Your Preferences

You can actually make some changes in the assembly of this product so it can better suit your requirements. You can attach the kitty hole in either side or choose not to put in the divider if you don’t want it there. This design gives you the flexibility you need to create the best comfort room for your pet.

Final Verdict

It’s easy to see why the Boomer & George Carter Mid-Century Modern Cat Litter Box is one of the most attractive picks for a litter box cabinet. It combines form and function in the best possible way. This makes it a terrific choice for those who want the best for their pets and their homes at the same time.