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In all honesty, the concept behind self-cleaning cat litter boxes is simple. All it takes for a product to be considered reliable is a quality motor, reliable scooping mechanism, and a good rake. There are tons of options available out there, so you can be sure that you have enough choices.

This Center Automatic Cat Litter Box review will present you another option in the growing list of self-cleaning litter boxes. Whether it’s a good match for you or not is for you to decide.


Want to get to know the Center Automatic Cat Litter Box better? Here are its set of features to help you get started:

Automated Rake with Motion Sensor

Being a self-cleaning cat litter box, this product comes with an automated rake and motion sensor. The rake will do the dirty job for you as it will strain the kitty litter box and pick up the clumped waste. It will then move it to the waste bin for storage and eventual disposal.

The rake is activated by a motion sensor. This is a common component in many self-cleaning units out there. With this, the product can detect when your cat steps into the box. It will then stay on standby until it detects that your cat has left the box.

Once your pet steps out of the litter box, the sensor will then set a timer for the rake to start its cleaning cycle in 15 minutes. If your cat re-enters the box before, the motion sensor will reset the timer and then wait for the cat to leave again before it can get to work.

Sizeable Litter Tray with High Walls

Another attractive feature of this litter box is its tray. It’s just the right size for most households and will accommodate cats comfortably.

It also has high walls. So if your pet likes to kick or dig while in the box, you won’t have to worry too much about spilled kitty litter. This makes it an even more convenient pick as it can free you from having to clean your floors daily.

Sealed Waste Compartment with Carbon Filter

Struggling with smells? Feline waste has a strong scent because they use it to mark their territory. This is why it’s very easy to tell if there’s a cat in a household because it often smells like cat pee or excrement inside.

This doesn’t have to be the case in your home, though. With this litter box’ sealed waste compartment, your pet’s waste can be stashed away neatly until you’re ready to throw it out. As it also comes with a carbon filter, odors are better controlled and contained.

Carpeted Ramp

Another chore cat parents hate is cleaning up litter tracking. But as prevention is always better than cure, this litter box addresses all of that straight away with its carpeted ramp. This serves as a paw cleaner so litter can be trapped in the ramp as your pet gets out of the box.

How to Train Your Cat Ebook

What makes this product stand out is its inclusion of a training manual. Made by Rio Center, this add-on is a downloadable ebook that will help you train your kitty.

Some people don’t know that cats can actually be trained so this can come as a surprise. However, imagine how easy your life can be if your cat is trained. This might just be the very thing you didn’t know you needed to be a successful cat parent.

Scoop & Rake Cleaner

This product also comes with a scoop that doubles as a rake cleaner. This frees you from having to improvise in case something gets stuck in your unit’s automated rake.

Safety Bar

To prevent blockages from causing a damage, the Center Automatic Cat Litter Box uses a safety bar to stop the rake from working when it gets clogged. This makes sure that the motor won’t get strained and cause a malfunction from trying to overcome the blockage.

Product Benefits

Now that you know what this product has to offer, the next thing you might be wondering about is the advantages of owning this product. A few of its most notable benefits are the following:

Can Teach You Cat Training Tricks

As this product comes with a downloadable cat training guide, it might just help you improve your relationship with your pet. Training a cat is not just about ensuring that your fur baby will do what you want, but it’s also about the mutual trust that the both of you can build. It can also make your cat parenting simpler, so it’s definitely worth a shot.

Hands-Free Cleanup

Like many other automated cat litter boxes, this product offers hands-free cleanups which are very convenient. You won’t have to slave away scooping out the contents of your cat’s litter box at least once a day just to keep your home clean with its help.

Minimizes Odors

If you don’t want your home to smell like cat pee or excrement this product can help. The design of its waste bin can contain odors effectively.

Safe for Pets

This product is programmed to stop working if the motion sensor is activated so it can guarantee your pet’s safety. It won’t start a cleaning cycle while your cat is still doing their dirty business so it won’t get limbs stuck and trapped. And even if the unit experiences clogging or a blockage, it will just stop operating altogether. This can also guarantee that it won’t keep on hurting your pet in case they get stuck.

Buyer Feedback

For a more thorough understanding of this product, you might also want to get to know what buyers have to say about it. User reviews will always be some of the most reliable sources of information for products like self-cleaning litter boxes.

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of reviews available for this product. The ones available say that it’s reliable in the beginning, but its motor tends to wear out after a while.

Final Verdict

While the features of the Center Automatic Cat Litter Box are similar to other self-cleaning litter boxes, there’s still much left wanted from the available details about this product. So if you’re interested in it, it’s best to research more about the item first. Taking extra caution is not a bad thing if you want to end up with a litter box that can really help you out.