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At first glance, the design of the automatic cat litter box known as the Litter Robot LRII will make you think that it’s a crystal ball that will foretell your future. And in a way, it does promise a better future for you, at least in regards to your car and their need for a litter box. It doesn’t matter if you have a single cat or if you have lots of cats at home. You won’t have to think about having to scoop your litter box ever again with this robotic litter box. And that’s not the only benefit you get—not a by a long shot.

For a litter box, it does look appealing. From certain angles it does look like a robot, and you have 3 color options. We chose beige, but it also comes in gray or black. It measures 24 by 22 by 29 inches. Its distinctive design allows cats to do their business inside the globe while their head pokes out the opening.

It has a built-in sensor that detects the weight of the cat when your kitty comes into the Little Robot. Once the cat leaves the litter box, the unit activates a 7-minute countdown to its cleaning cycle. Its rotating mechanism clumps the waste from the litter, depositing it into the drawer at the bottom of the litter box. You can use the standard 8-gallon trash bag in the receptacle to hold the waste, but it’s better if you switch to the 13-gallon trash bag.

To power the sensors and the other features, your purchase includes an AC/DC adapter. The Litter Robot LRII operates at 12 volts. It’s designed for cats weighing up to 15 pounds, but bigger cats can fit right in with a little bit of agility.

By the way, the Litter Robot LRII has a Bubble Unit version that offer an extra 3 inches of space for bigger cats. There’s also another version called the Litter Robot III Open Air, which comes with newer features and enough space for bigger cats.

Safety isn’t a concern for the Litter Robot LRII, as there aren’t any sharp points that can cause any injury for your cat. There also aren’t any loose parts or electrical wiring that can cause any potential harm.

Features of the Litter Robot LRII

Here’s a quick summary of its features:

  • It’s designed households with any number of cats.
  • It’s engineered to last for a very long time, though the warranty lasts for 18 months. There’s also 90-day manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.
  • It’s already fully assembled when it’s delivered, which eliminates any assembly frustrations.
  • To counter the inevitable smells, it also features a carbon filter.
  • It can clean the litter box automatically so manual scooping isn’t necessary anymore. It comes on after just a 7-minute delay, which reduces the odor considerably.
  • You can also just push a button to activate the manual cleaning cycles.
  • Aside from the trash bags, there’s no need to periodically buy extra supplies. It doesn’t need disposable receptacles or costly trays.
  • The waste goes into the receptacle at the bottom to make it easy to dispose of the waste. That receptacle can accommodate the accumulated waste of several days. That’s good enough for you to be able to go on a weekend vacation.
  • The rotating and sifting system keeps the litter clean and the cat’s paws too.


When you open the package, you’ll find that the Litter Robot LRII is already assembled. You’ll just have to put the globe on its base. The cog in the base unit must be properly aligned so that it notches with the globe. Then you can plug it in.

  • The Litter Robot LRII measures 24 inches deep, 22 inches wide, and 29 inches tall.
  • The entry opening for the cat is oval-shaped and measures 6.5 inches wide and 9 inches high.
  • The capacious waste receptacle measures 16 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 6 inches high.
  • At maximum litter capacity, the litter bed area is 14 inches across.
  • Inside the globe, at its widest point it measures 20 inches across. From front to back, it’s a5 inches. Your cat also enjoys 13 to 15 inches for head room, and this depends on the level of the litter.
  • The purchase also includes the Lip Extender that’s also already assembled and attached to the globe. Plus you get a carbon filter, 3 waste drawer liners, a 12V AC/DC power adapter, the owner’s manual, and the return and repack instructions.

There’s also an optional fence that keeps the litter from being kicked, and it also assists your cat when they get into the globe. If you have this component, you’ll just need to snap the lip with the fence and then you place it on the globe. The fence comes with instructions on how to attach it properly.

The Litter Robot LRII in Action

Here’s how it works. When your cat comes inside the Litter Robot LRII through the entry opening, the special sensor detects its weight. This triggers a 70minute countdown that starts right after your cat has done their business and leaves the litter box.

When the timer counts down to zero, the rotating mechanism in the glove activates to gently separate the clumps of waste from the clean litter. The clumps go into the waste receptacle at the bottom of the litter box, in which there’s a carbon filter that absorbs the odor.

The rotation of the mechanism comes on slowly as a safety measure. In addition, if your cat (or another cat) comes inside the litter box during the cleaning cycle, the robot automatically shuts down. While the cat is still inside as determined by the weight sensor, the unit won’t rotate. It waits for 15 seconds after this cat leaves before it again resumes its cleaning cycle.

It also allows you to just push a button to activate the manual cleaning cycle. You won’t have to clean it too frequently, and the unit doesn’t have that rake mechanism that keeps on jamming in other automatic litter boxes.

Crucial Points

Perhaps the most important factor regarding the effectiveness of your Litter Robot LRII is if your cat will actually want to go inside the globe unit. For the most part, cats tend to be naturally curious. So it’s common to find them checking out such a new gadget in your home. This is especially true if your cats are already familiar with a covered litter box.

To introduce the Litter Robot LRII to your cat, it’s a good idea is to put the new litter box right next to the old one. Or you can remove the old one and out the new Litter Robot LRII in its place. You should also get a cup of litter from the old litter box and place it in the globe unit of the new one. Your cat will probably want to check things out because the scent will be familiar to them. They’ll know what to do with your Litter Robot LRII once they have investigated inside and felt the litter under their paws.

Here are some other points to consider:

  • To make sure your cat is safe and comfortable, small cats and kittens can’t really use the robot in automatic mode. The sensor won’t register their presence if they weigh less than 5 pounds, so you’ll have to supervise how they use the litter box. You’ll have to keep the unit unplugged. It should only be manually plugged in when you need to clean the litter box, and once the cleaning cycle is complete you’ll have to unplug the cord. This still gives you the advantage of not needing to manually scoop the litter box, until your kitten gets bigger.
  • It is entirely possible that your cat won’t use the Litter Robot LRII. That’s what the 90-day guarantee is for. If you plan on returning the automatic litter box, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer to get an RMA (return authorization) number. Then when you return the item within 90 days, you’ll get a refund with the shipping costs subtracted.
  • The robot also doesn’t need any special litter to work. Just about any scoopable or clumping litter will do. This includes biodegradable litters like “Swheat Scoop” and “World’s Best Cat Litter”. The robot unit will also work with litter beads and crystals.
  • What won’t work are the strictly absorbent, non-clumping, clay-based litters.
  • It’s also a no-go with the “Feline Pine”. Its pellet size is just too big to let clean litter pass through the robot’s sifting screen. As a result, the litter pellets are dumped out during the cleaning cycle. With Feline Pine, the clumping litter usually builds up on the sifting screen and it won’t pass through quickly enough. Because of this, much of the litter is expelled into the base during the cleaning cycle.
  • If you only have one cat, emptying the waste receptacle is just a weekly chore. And for two cats of average size, you’ll only do it twice a week at the most.
  • If the globe unit is rotating while it is in its cleaning cycle and your cat tries to get in to use it, you don’t have to worry. The motor will automatically shut itself off because the sensor will detect your cat’s presence. Then it will wait for 15 seconds after your cat leaves before the litter box resumes its cleaning cycle. This is also why you need to keep the Litter Robot LRII unplugged if your cat weighs less than 5 pounds. Its cleaning cycle will continue because its sensor won’t detect your tiny kitten.
  • When your cat is inside, it won’t start its cleaning cycle either. The countdown only starts 7 minutes after the cat leaves the globe unit.
  • The Litter Robot LRII was designed with safety as a priority. That’s why there is no feature or component that can possibly harm your cat—if they weigh more than 5 pounds. Not even the electronics pose any potential harm, because they’re located in the base of the device. In the globe unit, there aren’t any electrical components.
  • If the load condition becomes excessive or if the globe jams, the motor shouts down automatically.
  • Dust isn’t a problem with the movement of the litter either. There’s very little movement of the litter, thanks to the size of the filtering screen and the globe unit’s slow rotation.

Advantages of the Litter Robot LRII

So here are some of the good points in this nifty automatic litter box:

  • Setting it up is very easy and simple, and using it is not really a problem at all.
  • It’s also very low-maintenance.
  • There’s no need to make additional purchases from the manufacturer in order to get it to work. This is a very common situation, as many manufacturers try to maximize profits by forcing cross-sales. While there are optional parts you can install (like the optional fence), the Litter Robot LRII works just fine as is.
  • It works well with just about any clumping litter, with the notable exception of pine. There’s no need to buy expensive litters.
  • Changing the bags provided is very easy, and you can also use just regular trash bags.
  • The odor control works.
  • The materials are of high quality, and rust isn’t an issue.
  • There’s much less litter tracking.
  • You can finally go on long trips without worrying about the mess your cat can make.
  • There’s a 90-day money-back guarantee as well as an 18-month warranty.
  • Many consider it a worthwhile investment.

Drawbacks to the Litter Robot LRII

Unfortunately, you will have to deal with some other issues.

  • It is somewhat—or for some, extremely—expensive.
  • It is a bit bulky, so you need ample space.
  • It may not have enough space for big cats who weight more than 15 pounds.
  • You’ll have to make do with manual operation if your cat weighs less than 5 pounds.
  • It may be quieter, but it may still make some noise when it’s operating.
  • Some litter mays still from the litter box when the cat dismounts from the litter box.
  • There may also be a problem if you don’t have the optional fence and your cat tends to kick the liter.
  • The receptacle at the bottom of the unit isn’t really airtight, so some odor issues may come up. And the odor can be very bad when you open the drawer so you can dispose of the trash bag.
  • The sensor may not activate when some cats jump in. That’s because the cat has to use the step to activate the sensor.
  • You’ll have to protect the control panel by covering it with plastic film. It isn’t waterproof.

Additional Tips from Helpful Owners

The Litter Robot LRII has received a lot of praise from numerous reviews. And many of these reviews contain several tidbits of advice that can help you out.

  • You should wash the globe about once a month.
  • The carbon filter should be changed every 2 months.
  • The drawer should be emptied every 4 days to keep it nice and fresh.
  • The drawer itself should be washed every 2 weeks.
  • You can use the “Precious Cat Ultra-Premium Clumping Cat Litter” with the Nil-O-Litter Cat Litter Deodorizer litter additive.
  • Or you can use the Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer. It contains baking soda and it’s cheaper too.
  • If your cat is timid or shy, you may want to use it unplugged at first so your cat isn’t spooked.
  • Don’t plug in the unit in front of your cat. Doing so starts a cleaning cycle automatically, and this can scare off your cat from ever using it.
  • You may also want to use litter magnet to entice the cat to use the litter box. You can also just leave it unplugged right next to the old litter box. Your cat will eventually investigate it and they may feel better about using it.
  • If your cat is a jumper, you may want to add a ramp so that the cat uses the step.
  • There may be a need to adjust the sensor so that it can pick up your cat’s weight. A wrong adjustment may result in your cat’s weight failing to register. Don’t, this adjustment isn’t all that complicated and the procedure is laid out in the owner’s manual.

Who is the Litter Robot LRII For?

So is the Litter Robot LRII right for you? This is ideal for you if you have a cat or cats who weigh between 5 and 15 pounds. You’ll love it if you want to save money in the long run, or if you’re very busy or very lazy (there’s nothing wrong with that) and you don’t want to do the scooping manually. It’s also designed for you if you’re also trying to minimize your contact with your cat’s waste. And it’ll be very useful for you if you’re often away on long business trips.