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If you own a cat, then it’s very possible that the Merry Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover is exactly the pet accessory you’re looking for. This is especially true if you have a litter box for your cat.

The thing with litter boxes is that they can be messy. The litter can go just about everywhere, especially when you have a cat with an annoying predilection for digging. Litter can literally fly out in all directions. That’s also what happens when you have a very playful kitten that sees the litter box as some sort of giant playground.

And then the sight of a litter box isn’t exactly a postcard-perfect image, is it? It’s why many of us put it in an out of the way place, such as a laundry room. That’s good for the cat too, though, because they also like some privacy when they do their business. They don’t want to see you hover.

And then there’s that god-awful smell. Seriously, describing the smell as merely “pungent” doesn’t even begin to portray its true horror. That’s because of the ammonia, and since your kitty doesn’t really drink all that much water then their urine is pretty much undiluted. And you don’t really want that scent to spread throughout the house.

Does the Merry Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover Work?

So a cover makes a lot of sense. But you need to think about crucial factors regarding your litter box cover. For certain it can cover your litter box. But to give a more comprehensive answer to this question, let’s see how it does with the factors that matter the most:

1. Will your cat still use the litter box?

This is probably the most important question of all. After all, many cats are creatures of habit, and a new cover may cause them so tension and anxiety. You may end up with a cat that does their business in some other place—and usually these places are inappropriate.

So will your cat use the litter box inside the Merry litter box cover? That’s always a hit or miss proposition to anything that involves your cat. After all, cats are individuals too. They have their own personalities and preferences.

But in general, they should have no problems with the Merry litter box cover. That’s especially true if you don’t move the litter box from its location and you also use the same litter box. With a familiar litter box and location, the new cover won’t probably become a distraction for the cat.

2. Is it big enough?

We’re not talking about whether it’s big enough to cover the litter box. We mean if it’s big enough for your cats to maneuver themselves properly inside the cover. Cats can be very finicky, and they may want to move here and there to get the best position. And a cramped cover for your litter may cramp their style, so to speak.

As for whether the Merry litter box cover is big enough, in the inside it measures 20 inches wide and 35 inches long. That ought to be big enough to enclose your litter box even if you get an extra-large litter box. And it also gives your cat a lot of room to maneuver. The height is 19 inches inside, so there’s plenty of head room too.

But you may be tempted to put in 2 litter boxes, and you should resist this temptation. Your cats may not want to use the litter boxes when they’re together inside, and they’d have to step all over each other while they maneuver for position.

Of course, you will want to make sure that you have enough space in your place to fit the Merry. On the outside, it measures 21.2 inches by 37.5
inches, with a height of 22.5 inches.

3. What does it look like?

A cover can look merely functional, which is okay for some. But that may not be ideal if the litter box is in the living room or your bedroom. You may prefer something that looks nice, or even classy. Now about the look of the Merry: it looks great. That’s the general consensus from the numerous Merry Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover reviews online. It looks much more expensive than it really is.

It looks like a sturdy wooden side table with an insider compartment. It comes in various colors so it can match or complement your other wooden furniture. Put it in the bathroom and it can fit in with your wooden bathroom cabinets.

You can get in walnut, white, and espresso. With its flat, it really functions well as a side tale and it even has raised edges so things like your smartphone won’t fall off when you brush against it. It’s made with pressed wood, with laminate as the outside coating. It’s really very classy—and it doesn’t look cheap at all. In fact, it doesn’t really look remotely like anything connected to a litter box at all.

4. Does it have a big enough entrance?

Of course, there’s going to be an entrance through the cover of the litter box. You can’t just put a large pail over the litter box and call it a day, unless you want to be on guard so you can lift the cover whenever your cat needs to use the litter box. And of course, if you’re hovering your cat may not feel all that comfortable doing their business with around.

Fortunately the Merry has an entrance that’s big enough. It measures 7 inches by 8 inches, and just about every cat can fit through that. They can find it easily too. And during the assembly you can determine which end gets the entry way.

5. Is it easy to assemble?

For some cat owners, a simple huge bucket over the litter box may start making sense of the commercial litter box cover is too hard to put together. It has to be easy to assemble so that you’re more likely to use it at all.

Now as for the Merry, the consensus is a bit mixed when it comes to ease of assembly. You can check it out for yourself by looking at the assembly instructions. Some people, especially those with DIY experience, will find the instructions easy enough to follow. You will need 2 people to do this properly, but some reviewers (including a lady who was 5 months pregnant at the time) claim to have done this all by themselves.

But others may not have an easy time with this. So that means you’ll need a handyman who can assemble this for you.

6. Can it be put to some other use?

Maybe you can use it as a side table too, especially if it has a flat top where you can put some items, like your glass of water or your smartphone when it’s right by your couch or your bed.

You can certainly use the Merry this way, as it looks great. You can just place it by your couch or by your bed, and it can even serve as a magazine rack in your bathroom.

It doesn’t even have to be used as a litter box cover at all. You can use to cover a pet bed or it can serve as a resting place for your dog if they’re small enough to get through the entrance.

7. Does it have enough space for some accessories?

There should be space enough to store your scoop and some other litter supplies inside the cover. And here you do get enough space for your various paraphernalia. You can put in a divider, and the other side can store all your other equipment. With the divider, it can also support a heavier weight.

Now you can also remove the divider so that your cat gets a lot of space inside. You can also use an automatic litter box that you have to plug in, as there’s a small hole at the back end for the cord.

8. Will it last?

If it’s too flimsy, then it may not last all that long, and then you’ll end up having to buy another cover—again! And this time you may end up with a cover that keeps your cat from using the litter box. Keep in mind that pets can be very active, so you don’t want a simple cover that can be damaged or moved when another pet bumps into it.

Luckily lots of reports about this particular cover attest to its durability. It’s sturdy pressed wood, and it weighs a hefty 67 pounds. Some online reviews have been updated to say that after a year it still looks as good as new.

9. How heavy is it?

Again, this is important because you don’t want your cat troubled by a slight nudge to the cover when they’re doing their business inside. It has to be a bit hefty and steady. At the same time, the weight should also be not too heavy that you can’t lift it especially when you keep moving the litter box. That’s not a very good idea, however. As we’ve mentioned some cats don’t like the unfamiliar especially when there’s something different in their litter box area. That difference may discourage them from doing their business in the proper place.

Now for this one the weight is an issue at 67 pounds. The good news is that the weight does keep it secure in its place. The bad news is that moving it from one room to another will require 2 people to lift the cover. But some folks have put in some casters at the bottom to solve this problem

But what about lifting this to the second floor? Your best solution for that problem is to get a second cover and a second litter box s that your cat has options for every floor. And if you have a dinner party downstairs, your cat upstairs won’t have a problem staying there when they need to do their business.

10. Is there enough light inside?

If it’s too dark, your cat may be too spooked to enter inside. So the entrance should let in some light, and maybe there can be some cutouts at the top too.

The Merry entrance is big enough to let in lots of light from the outside, so that’s not a problem. Then there are some cutouts where you place your hands when you open the drawers. There’s also the hole at the back for a power cord. All these holes let in enough light for your cat.

11. Does the smell escape the enclosure?

If the cover doesn’t really trap the smell, then it can get very unpleasant in your house. And here it does trap the smell very well. Most people reported that they don’t even have to use carbon filters for the smell, although it may be a good idea so at least it smells better inside the enclosure. It also won’t shock you with the odor when you lift the cover to clean the litter box.

12. What happens if your cat misses the litter box when they urinate?

The issue of urinating cats who miss the litter box and drench the inside is unfortunately not as rare as we would like. What you have to understand is that this isn’t waterproof) or even water resistant) at all. And therefore you’ll have some trouble if you don’t take the proper steps. You will have to use either a litter tray or some plastic shelf paper to line the walls. Or you can use both, along with some lining for the floor.

This is an issue which you may have to address with some common sense and a bit of MacGyver ingenuity. You will have an odor problem if your cat urinates on the walls of the cover. Again, you should prevent this problem by lining the inner walls.

13. How easy is it to clean?

If it takes too much time and trouble to clean, then you may end up thinking that it’s not worth the hassle. But this is a laminate-coated cover, so you can just use a dry mop to quickly sweep any dirt and dust.

If there’s any moisture inside, soak up the excess liquid using a dry cloth.Dampen the cloth to use for spot cleaning to get rid of any residue, and then wipe down with a soft dry cloth. Don’t even think about using an abrasive cloth.

14. Is it affordable?

It may be the perfect cover for your litter box, but it’s only perfect for other people if you can’t fit its price within your budget. But here the price may vary depending on the seller. But you should be ready to spend in the $200 to $300 range.

Now that may seem a bit excessive for a cover for the litter box. But when you consider just how useful the Merry can be for you, it’s actually worth the expense. In fact, many say that it looks a lot more expensive than it really is, because it does look good. You can even just buy this as a side table, and if you suddenly get the urge to get a pet you have a handy litter box cover or a dog house waiting fr you.

15. How’s the customer service?

You may have questions, so it’s nice if there’s a customer service person who is willing to answer your question and give you some advice. You may also need to contact them if you wish to make sure of the warranty.

You can always call the Merry customer service at 416-597-2291. So you can see for yourself how the customer service works. Some reviews dating from 2013 have complained about the lack of real customer support, but


The Merry litter box cover offers a nifty solution to pets who make a mess with their litter box, as it confines the mess to a specific area and that mess isn’t visible at all. And it also helps cover up the smell. Now as a cat owner there’s a chance you may get used to the smell, but a visitor will no doubt notice the odor. With this cover you trap the smell inside.

It also serves multiple purposes too. It can be used as a side table for your couch or your bed. And if you have a small dog, it can work as a dog house. And you can’t deny the fact that it looks terrific. It’s certainly a much more welcome sight than your uncovered litter box.

So the only remaining issue really is the assembly. Do you have some DIY skills, or do you know someone who does and who can help you? If you answer “yes” then you’re in luck and you should really get this. If not, then you may want to find some other solution. But with the Merry Cat Washroom Litter Box Cover, the benefits you get are so substantial that it may be time for you to develop your DIY skills now.