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Kittens and cats make for great pets, but they can be a bother too. That’s especially true in regards to their use of litter boxes, and it can truly be a pain when you discover that they’re diggers and kickers. And if you have curious dogs, your problems are compounded. Conventional litter boxes can be tedious to take care of, and they can look horrendous too. But then we have the Modkat Litter Box as a solution to your problem.

It offers an enclosed design that resembles a laundry hamper, and that single feature satisfies many of your needs. It gives your cats some privacy when they’re doing they’re business, and it keeps dogs from messing with the litter box. And if they kick and dig, the messy granules are kept inside.

The grating lid minimizes litter tracking, while the use of the reusable liner saves you from having to buy disposable liners on a regular basis. And as a bonus, it looks sublimely like it’s not a litter box at all. Eames fans will be pleased with the design, and they’re perfect for apartment dwellers who are forced to put their litter boxes in living rooms or bedrooms.

So what can you expect from the Modkat Litter Box? Here are some features awaiting you:

Features of the Modkat Litter Box

The Modkat Litter Box offers a truly magnificent combination of form and function.

  • The design is spectacular, and its awards include the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) Editor’s Award in 2009 as well as the Red Dot Design Award on 2010. It still looks good today, which attests to the timeless beauty of this contemporary look.
  • The squarish base with curved edges measure 16 inches on each side, with a height of 13 inches. You’ll find a convenient hole at the front and back which will serve as handles, should you decide to out the litter box in another part of the house. It’s easy to move, as it weighs a mere 8 pounds.
  • It’s made from high quality plastic, and you have several colors to choose from. There’s the nice, pristine white, as well as orange, tan, gray, and black. That should be enough options for you to match the litter box with the rest of the interior design.
  • It offers rooftop access to the litter box, and the hole at the top measures 8.5 inches across. So the litter is covered on all sides and messes are prevented even if your cats are diggers and kickers. It comes with a grated lid that prevents your dogs and babies from investigating the litter inside. So your cats get to enjoy some bit of privacy when they do their business, and they’re not bothered during this vulnerable moment for them.
  • Also, the lid functions as a walk-off mat so that litter tracking is minimized. That’s because the lid functions as a step for the cat. And even if the cat jumps directly out of the litter box, gravity tends to do its job and the litter pebbles drop back inside. There’s also a hinge on the lid, so you can swivel it open and you can dump any the trapped litter back inside the Modkat. You can also place the lid at a 90-degree angle to lift it straight up from the unit, so you have full access to the inside.
  • The Modkat also comes with a litter scoop. Its handle is ergonomically shaped so you can hold it more comfortably. Its angle enables you to reach the very bottom of the litter box with no problems. The front edge of the scoop is also arched in a way that suits the contours of the Modkat so you can scoop more thoroughly. It has a cleanup brush built in its side so you can sweep back the stray litter back into the box. And finally, it has a protruding peg at the end so you can just peg it into the handle slots on the box for convenient storage.
  • Instead of buying disposable liners, the Modkat comes with a reusable cat litter liner. It’s made from commercial-grade tarpaulin so it’s strong enough to resist ripping. It’s so easy to clean and it even comes with handles so you can conveniently remove it from the box and then empty it of its contents. The liner is tall, and its fitted band makes that that it fits snugly to the sides of the box. This is a Modkat liner, so it’s actually specifically designed to fit perfectly into the Modkat litter box. Never again will you have to endure the prospect of an unsightly liner that protrudes and doesn’t fit perfectly into the box.
  • The Modkat can also be used without the liner, just in case your cat is allergic (which happens to less than 1% of cats) or if they just don’t like the liner for some reason. Nitpicky cats!
  • It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, which should be enough time for most owners to determine if their cat will take to this new rooftop access litter box. As every cat owner knows (or should know), cats have highly individual personalities and they sure have their own preferences and dislikes.

How the Modkat Litter Box Works

So first you put in the place where the old litter box used to be. Sometimes you may want to put them side by side, but you neglect to clean the old litter box. In a few days, the new Modkat litter box becomes a much more attractive alternative from your cat’s point of view.

Your cat can then climb up the unit, and then go through the top hole to get down inside and do their business. Inside, there’s a fitted liner that measures 10 inches tall, and that’s about ? the height of the litter box. The snug fit is because of the fitted metal band in the top part, and that keeps the liner tight against the walls of the litter box. When you need to get the liner out, the lid folds out and you can just use the handle of the liner to get it out.

When your cat is done with their business, they then get out and they tend to walk on top of the grated top. This removes the litter that may have stuck to their paws, and the litter goes back to the box simply by tilting the lid and sweeping the excess litter back in.

Cleaning the Modkat

As the cat owner, it’s your responsibility to keep the litter box clean. Fortunately, that’s not really all that hard.

Scooping is part of the job, and you’ll only do this as frequently as you did with your old conventional litter box. First you’ll need to find the tabs located on both sides. Pus the tabs to release the lid and the lid will flip so you have adequate space to scoop. If you want, you can remove the lid completely if this is easier for you. You can also remove the liner itself when you scoop. Just dump the clumps you scoop into a trash bag and then dispose of the waste.

Every 2 to 3 weeks, you also will have to change the litter. First you’ll have to get the lid off by tilting it 90 degrees, which allows you to lift the lid straight off the unit. That gives you full access to the liner inside, and you can lift the liner out by grasping the handles in the liner. Take it out and then pour out the dirty litter into a trash bag. Just use the handle of the liner so you can get rid of the litter without having to make contact.

You should also keep the liner clean, which is why it is recommended that you have a spare liner (you can buy it from Modkat for just $12). Then you can wash the liner in the sink, by brushing it and by using a mild bleach solution. These liners are very tough, and you can expect them to last for two years before you need to replace them.

You should also clean the entire box as well. This gets rid of any lingering odors and everything’s nice and spiffy. You can just put it in your bathtub and you can hose it down with your shower head.

You should, of course, clean the surrounding area of litter tracks. But there are some other ways to minimize the mess further. You can use pine pellets to reduce tracking. And you can also use a litter mat. If your cat is a leaper who bypasses the grated top, then they can land on the litter mat and that should remove the liter from their paws.

What about Bigger Cats?

The Modkat Litter Box is designed for small to medium-sized cats, but bigger cats may have some issues. Some customer reviews have reported that their 11 to 14-pound cats have had no trouble. But that may not be true for everyone.

Larger cats will have to learn to stick out their heads through the entrance while they do their business. Then after completing their business, they may have to get out and then go back inside so they can dig and make sure that their waste is covered. For the most part, cats are smart creatures and they tend to figure things out all by themselves.

This can also be used for more than a single cat. But you should make sure to keep it clean on a regular basis. If you have a multilevel home, it may be a good idea to have a Modkat for each floor. Cats really prefer not to wait when they feel the need to do business.

Advantages of the Modkat Litter Box

Here are some benefits that may justify your purchase of the Modkat Litter Box:

  • It truly looks great, and if you see a picture of it you won’t need to learn about design awards to realize how good it really looks. Just pick the right color for your interior design color scheme and it will truly enhance your living room or bedroom. And the messy litter box is complete out of sight.
  • You’ll have no need to assemble anything at all. Some litter boxes or litter box covers may require extensive DIY knowledge before you can piece them together, but not this one.
  • The high quality plastic is very durable, and it will last for a long time. It’s hard to foresee a problem that will damage it completely, unless you deliberately try to destroy it. Some users have reported that their Modkat has lasted for 5 years and it still works perfectly.
  • Because of the cover on all sides except for the top, the odors are greatly reduced. This is especially true when you compare the smell of your old conventional litter box.
  • You don’t need as much space for your litter box area.
  • It also eliminates the mess in your letter box area. If your cat is a kicker, then it doesn’t matter since the litter doesn’t go anywhere. It’s the same thing for diggers.
  • It also reduces the litter tracking. Estimates put the reduction of the litter in the box area at about 70% to 95% of what you get from a conventional litter box.
  • The lid keeps out babies and frisky dogs from messing with the litter inside. Only your cat can get in.
  • For male cats who don’t squat when they urinate, the high walls and the liner are a godsend. The mess is kept inside, and you only need to take out the liner and replace with a new one while you clean it.
  • Every little detail has been factored in. The liner is tough, washable, and comes with handles. The scoop has a nice storage area and its design factors in the ergonomic requirements. The unit itself is easy to clean.
  • Even the price is great. Some litter box covers cost twice as much as the Modkat Litter Box, and these covers don’t even come with a litter box. With this one, you get a truly gorgeous litter box that works as advertised.

Drawbacks of the Modkat Litter Box

While it’s great, it’s not quite free of potential problems. Here are some issues you need to be aware of.

  • Because of the rooftop access, heavy or older cats may have a problem getting to the top. And larger cats may also have a problem with the 8.5 inch opening or with the 16-inch height.
  • The smell, though reduced, may still be there. That’s because the top has an opening, so of course the scent can get out. And the plastic of the unit itself may absorb the scent over the years, and this is especially true if you don’t wash it regularly.
  • The Modkat doesn’t keep the litter from getting out onto the floor completely. That’s due to the litter than can stick to their paws. But then this is a problem for just about every litter box.
  • Over the years, the metal band that fits the liner to the walls of the Modkat may start to sag. That may result in a less snug fit for the liners in a few years. And in that case, you may have to use it without the liner.
  • For some cats, the liner may teach them to do their business on similar bags (like the blue Ikea bags). If this happens, you need to keep those bags out of sight.
  • Some may develop an allergy to the liner, and again this may require you to forego the use of the liner altogether. But this is very rare, however, with estimates putting the number at less than 1% of all cats.
  • While toddlers can no longer get inside the Modkat, nothing keeps them from putting items inside through the entry hole.


This is an excellent litter box, by all accounts. The main issue here is if your cat will adapt to the rooftop access. Most will, but the cats with mobility issues due to size or to ill health may have problem with this. And bigger cats may have a problem with the entry size or with the space inside.

But for owners of small to medium-sized cats, it’s absolutely ideal. Their cats and dig and kick all they want, and their messes are kept inside and out of sight. It’s replaced by a stylish basket that looks cool and trendy in any modern setting. Even the smell is greatly reduced.

So go and buy the Modkat Litter Box now. It’s affordable, and it sets you as a hip cat owner instead of a crazy person who tolerates messes and foul smells. You look good, your apartment looks great, and your cat is happy.