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If you find disposable trays wasteful and fixed trays hard to clean, then a litter box that you can fully dismantle might work better for you. Some products will let you take out the electronic component so you can wash the litter tray without risking the safety of the motor. As a result, it’s way easier to clean, ensuring good hygiene for your cats and home.

This Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box review might help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Designed with a detachable litter tray and self-cleaning unit, it offers an easier way to clean an automated cat litter box.

Want to know if this product will be a good pick for you? Get to know it better below.


To find out whether the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box is a good match for you, you first need to know what it has to offer. So here’s a list of its features that should tell you about its capabilities and how it works.

Automatic Rake

Like other self-cleaning litter boxes, the Pet Zone Smart Scoop also comes with an automatic rake. However, unlike its competitors, this rake is directly attached to the waste collection bin. By housing all of its automated components in a single unit, it’s possible to remove all the electronics of this litter box without a fuss.

This design, however, makes the automated rake’s operation different from how its competitors work. Instead of just pushing solid waste to the waste compartment, the entire electronic unit travels the length of the tray to pick up the solid waste. It then lifts the refuse to move it to the bin for storage. This is where this product got its name as it makes a scooping action to get the job done.

Motion Sensor

The Smart Scoop also uses a motion sensor to activate the automatic rake. It sets a 15-minute timer for the rake after it detects that the cat has already left the box.

Waste Collection Bin and Removable Waste Tray

The Pet Zone Smart Scoop has a large waste collection bin. This makes it a suitable choice for multi-cat households as it can hold a large amount of waste.

The removable tray comes with a handle so it’s less likely that you’ll touch the gross stuff. You can even line it with a plastic bag so you can be guaranteed that waste disposal is also easier and less gross.

Accessories Included: Waste Bags, Charcoal Filter, Rake Cleaning Tool

Rounding out its features is its list of accessories. It comes with a charcoal filter, six plastic bags, and a rake cleaning tool. All of these add great value and convenience to the use of this cat litter box.

Product Benefits

What else can you expect from the Pet Zone Smart Scoop? Here are its benefits that might just win you over.

Cleanups are a Breeze

Aside from making the chore of cleaning up your pet’s litter box easier, the actual cleanup of this litter box is very easy as well. You can fully dismantle this product by removing its electronic components completely without using any tools.

Because of this, you can easily wash the tray without having to worry about damaging the motor. This also means you can thoroughly clean your pet’s cat litter tray.

Traps Odors Effectively

The waste collection bin has a lid and a space for a charcoal filter. These make it more capable of controlling foul odors so your home won’t smell like cat excrement.

Quiet Operation

This product takes pride in having a quiet motor so you don’t have to worry about it scaring your pets or creating a ruckus in your home.

Compatible With Clumping Litter and Crystals

You also don’t have to fuss about which kind of kitty litter to use with this litter box. It can work with both clumping and crystal varieties. However, some folks say that it works better with clumping litter as the rake grates have large gaps. It won’t hurt to give crystals a shot, too, though, especially if you prefer them for their odor-fighting properties.

Buyer Feedback

At this point, everything sounds great about the Pet Zone Smart Scoop. But any discerning shopper will know not to fall for a product’s promises alone. So, to make sure that you’ll cover all your bases, you should also get to know how it performs.

User feedback will help you get the information you need in this area. But as there are just too many of them out there, this list can help streamline your research. These are what actual buyers say about this product:

Good Value for the Money

While the Pet Zone Smart Scoop isn’t exactly cheap, it has proven its great worth to many buyers. It can free you from one of the most dreaded chores by cat parents at an affordable price. It offers great bang for your buck so it’s certainly worth the investment.

Very Easy to Put Together and Take Apart

As this unit requires some assembly and dismantling, you might be worried about how much effort it can take. Fret not, though, as it’s perfectly easy to put together and take apart. You don’t even need tools so you can definitely get it done in no time.

A Practical Pick

Lots of buyers also rave about how this product doesn’t waste clean litter. Due to the size of the gaps in the waste scooper, unsoiled pieces don’t get picked up and moved into the waste compartment. This means that you don’t have to keep refilling the litter box and clearing out the bin every so often. As a result, you don’t have to keep buying refills and additional liners to use this litter box.

Final Verdict

Designed with your convenience in mind, the Pet Zone Smart Scoop Automatic Litter Box is a very promising option for a self-cleaning litter box. It’s very easy to use without compromising the quality of its performance so it can definitely be a useful tool in your cat parenting.

Should you give it a shot? It might not be the flashiest pick out there, but its effective utilitarian design can more than make up for it. You can count on it to simplify the task of cleaning after your cat, so it’s totally worth considering.