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In the ideal world, self-cleaning cat litter boxes can make cleaning after your cat easy. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal world. Not every automated litter box will be a great fit for your pet. In this PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Box review, however, we’ll help you figure out whether this product is what you need.


What exactly can the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box offer? Here are its features to give you a good idea:

Adjustable Automatic Rake

Like most other self-cleaning litter boxes on the market today, the ScoopFree Ulta’s primary component is its automatic rake. This does the dirty work in the most literal sense of the word. Its main task is to push the solid waste left behind by your cat to the closed waste compartment of the unit.

This eliminates the need for you to manually scoop out your pet’s bodily wastes so you don’t have to do a gross chore every so often anymore. It gets to work after your pet does their business in the litter box. It will sweep the entirety of the tray to get rid of large debris so it won’t be left in the litter box to stink up the whole house.

What makes it special, however, is that you can set the time when it will get to work. You can choose to activate it 5, 10, or 20 minutes after your cat used the litter box. This gives you more control over cleaning up after your pet even while you’re away.

Safety Sensor

If you’re worried about the rake turning on and hurting your pet, fret not. The ScoopFree Ultra is also equipped with a safety sensor so if it has been triggered by your pet, it won’t turn the rake on. Even if your pet re-enters the litter box after doing their business, the sensor will restart the rake’s timer so it won’t get to scare or hurt your furball.

Health Counter

What makes the ScoopFree Ultra stand out is its health counter. This product comes with a digital counter that will tell you how many times your cat used their litter box. It’s basically a recording of how many times the sensor has been triggered during the day.

This is a very helpful feature because it can let you monitor your pet’s bowel movements. The number reflected on the counter will clue you in if your cat is showing symptoms of any significant health problems.

Crystal Litter

Made to be more absorbent, less messy, and longer-lasting, crystal litter can be a practical pick for your kitty litter. The ScoopFree Ultra uses this to make it a low maintenance option.

Disposable Litter Tray

By using a disposable litter tray, the ScoopFree Ultra also makes litter disposal a breeze. You won’t have to transfer dirty litter from the tray to a different container anymore with this product. You can just throw out the tray once it’s been filled with soiled litter.

If you’re worried about leaks and messes, don’t be. These trays have leak-proof linings so they won’t create a puddle of urine on your floor.

Privacy Hood

Lots of cats value their privacy when in the toilet so privacy hoods are important for them. If you have a shy kitty, this feature can be very useful to have.

Closed Waste Compartment

The closed waste compartment of the ScoopFree Ultra will let you clear out this litter box only once a few weeks. It can contain not just soiled litter and waste but also keep odors in. So even if you don’t get to throw out its gross content frequently, your house won’t have to smell like an unmaintained cat litter box.

Product Benefits

Aside from its features, the benefits that the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra might also help you consider getting this item. What are they? Here are a few of the most common examples:

Gives Your Pet the Privacy They Need

Due to their territorial nature, some cats can’t go to the toilet out in the open. This can be a problem for many cat parents because they might end up finding cat refuse in hard to reach areas of their homes.

With a privacy hood, though, your cat can do their business right in their litter box. They can now be more comfortable in using their litter box as it won’t make them feel too exposed and vulnerable.

Prevents Litter Tracking

Another great thing about the privacy hood is that it can keep the litter inside the box. It can prevent your cat from jumping out of the box with can cause spilling and tracking. Cleaning those up is a hassle, so preventing it can make cat parenting easier for you.

Lets You Monitor Your Pet’s Litter Box Activity

With the Health Counter feature, you can monitor your pet’s toilet activities even if you’re not home all day. This can be very useful for those who are looking after an ailing pet.

Simplifies Cat Parenthood

Overall, this product can simplify cat parenthood as it will take care of one of the most tedious chores that you have to accomplish. It can lighten your load as a responsible pet parent and even help you enjoy the job even more.

You’ll Easily Know When to Replace the Litter

According to the manufacturer, you can opt to replace the kitty litter every after 100 rakes. This makes it even more convenient to work with as the counter takes out the guesswork in keeping your litter box fresh.

Buyer Feedback

While everything listed above may already sound promising to lots of pet parents, you might still want to know how this product actually performs. User reviews can come in handy in this area, so we’ve listed down a few of the most notable points that buyers note:

Easy to Clean

Due to its disposable tray design, it’s way easier to clean than other litter boxes.

Good Odor Control

The crystal kitty litter is said to do a great job in odor control so the litter box won’t smell bad even if you don’t get to change the litter often.


Your cat won’t feel cramped inside this litter box as it’s roomier than the regular ScoopFree litter box.

Infrequent Cleanups Won’t Be a Problem

As it prevents tracking, you won’t have to clean your house every day. Some buyers chose to get an additional tracking mat to use with the unit for additional safety measure, though.

Final Verdict

Loaded with handy automated features, the PetSafe ScoopFree Ultra can be the very self-cleaning litter box that you’ve been looking for. If you’re thinking of investing in something to make your cat parenting easier, this might prove to be a solid choice.