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Not too keen on having a plastic tray or basket sitting on your floor? This is a common dilemma among cat parents since litter boxes are important pet furnishings. It doesn’t mean that you can’t create a toilet space for your pet anymore even if you don’t like them, though.

This Philociety Small Cat Litter Box Cabinet review is a good place to start when looking for an alternative to traditional litter boxes. As this product is basically just a cabinet box that’s tweaked to accommodate your pet, it can be a nice choice for lots of cat parents.


What makes the Philociety Small Cat Litter Box Cabinet a suitable cat toilet option for your pet? Find out by getting to know more about this product through its list of features:

Minimalist Design

The allure of this product lies in its design. As mentioned above, this product is just a box cabinet. Despite its simplicity, it can be an excellent option as your pet’s toilet.

How? For one, it’s very straightforward. All you really need it to do is to keep your pet’s litter box out of sight. Once it’s hidden inside a cabinet, you don’t have to worry about using a plastic litter box to get the job done.

Its minimalist design is attractive as well. It will also easily match most interiors as it won’t really clash with lots of people’s decor. This makes it an easy solution for those who just don’t want a plastic tray with gross stuff in it to be out in the open in their house.

Solid Wood Build

Another thing that makes this product attractive is its solid wood build. Made of Paulownia wood instead of MDF or cork, you can count on it to be durable. It also looks nice, so it’s a way better choice than the traditional plastic litter box.

Side Entry Hole

To make this product accessible to your pet, it’s designed with a side entry hole. This serves as the entrance and exit of your feline friend when it’s time for them to use their toilet. It also works as an exhaust so the smells won’t be fully trapped inside and absorbed by the material.

Swing Out Door

To make the contents accessible to you, this product has a swing out door. This will help you place and take out the litter tray inside the box without a hitch.

Small Dimensions

This product is the small size option for cat litter box cabinets from Philociety. It can accommodate most small cats nicely. The brand carries bigger options, too.

Product Benefits

If the features of the Philociety Small Cat Litter Box Cabinet tickled your fancy, then you might also want to know about the other things it can offer. It has quite a fair share of advantages, too, for example. Some of which are the following:

Matches Most Interiors

Thanks to its minimalist design, this litter box cabinet can also complement most interiors. You don’t have to worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb in your space. It won’t feel out of place in most modern homes and can even save you from having an eyesore of a litter box lying around.


As this product is made from actual wood and not laminated wood or MDF, you can be certain that it will be sturdy enough to last a while. It can handle your pet’s weight nicely. You also don’t have to worry much about it getting wet as it won’t expand and become deformed the same way fake wood would.

Easy to Move

Due to its size, you won’t have a hard time moving this item from one spot to another. It’s also not that heavy, so you don’t have to worry about carrying it.

Easy to Work With

With its swing-out door, you can be guaranteed that this product is easy to work with. All you need to do is to slide the litter tray in and out of the cabinet for quick setups and cleanups. The size is just right for some maneuvering, too. You don’t have to worry about struggling with a gross litter tray in a tight space with this litter box cabinet.

Can Prevent Messes and Odors

Since it contains the cat litter box inside, it can be a good solution for households that often experience gross messes and smells. If you have small kids that have the tendency to trip or play with the litter box, this product can help prevent such. It will keep the litter tray out of sight and out of reach.

This setup also allows this product to contain the horrible smells that usually come with cat litter boxes. It can prevent the bad odors from wafting out of the box so you don’t have to worry much about your home smelling like cat excrement anymore.

Buyer Feedback

Still need a little push to make a call? Then you might find the product reviews of this product very useful. The feedback of actual users of this product might just be the very thing you need to decide whether to opt for this cat litter box or not.

What are users saying about this Philociety product? Check some of them below:

Attractive Appearance

Lots of buyers attest to how attractive this product is. They liked that it blends in well with their other furniture, unlike other traditional litter boxes. So if you want to deal with your litter box that’s quite an eyesore in your apartment, this is proven to be a good solution for lots of people.

Keeps Litter Inside the Box

If you also struggle with your cat making all sorts of messes when they go to the toilet, this product can also be of help. It can effectively contain litter inside the box so you don’t have to clean a large area regularly.

Litter Tray Available Separately

Note, however, that the litter tray is not included in this package. This can be a bit of a bummer for some, but there are lots of options available, so you won’t have a hard time finding one that fits this cabinet well.

Final Verdict

Combining form and function, the Philociety Small Cat Litter Box Cabinet is an entirely different alternative to traditional cat furniture. It doesn’t even look like one in the first place, so that can be a great plus for some cat parents. If the only other thing you want from a cat litter box is for it not to be an eyesore, this can be the very item you’re looking for.