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Cat parents may all share their love for their feline friends but it doesn’t mean that they’re all fans of the plastic trays that serve as cat toilets. Not everyone is willing to have one out on display in their carefully curated homes. No matter how much they love their cats, there just has to be another way to meet their needs without damaging the look of their home.

If you’re currently looking for a good alternative to the traditional litter trays and boxes, this Refined Feline Refined Litter Box review is for you. It features the Refined Litter Box which is an actual cat furniture. If you don’t want a plastic furniture anywhere around your home, this can be a good choice.

To help you decide whether the Refined Feline Refined Litter Box is the perfect pick for you, get to know more about it below.


How can you know if the Refined Litter Box is a great match for you? Its features will tell you a lot about this product. Check them out below:

Wooden Cat Furniture

The most notable thing about this product is that it’s an actual furniture. It’s a storage dresser that’s tweaked to accommodate a cat’s toilet requirements which makes it very handy for cat parents.

Made of solid wood with poplar veneer, it won’t be an eyesore in many households. It can match the formal or contemporary interior design of your home without a hitch.

Litter Box Drawer

Letting your pet do their dirty business is the litter box drawer of this item. It can be easily pulled out so you can place and take out the litter tray with ease. Its walls are high as well so it can effectively catch the pieces of litter that your pet might kick around.

Note, however, that the litter tray sold separately. It can fit most large and jumbo size litter trays, though, so it shouldn’t be hard for you to find one that works with this product.

Top Storage Drawer

Adding convenience to this product is its top storage drawer. It sits right above the litter box and can hold all the other essentials for your cat toilet.

Two-Door Front Opening

Providing ease of access to the litter box is the two-door front doors. It will let you take the drawers and litter box out without having to struggle. It can also make cleanups easier.

Side Entry Hole

Providing instant access for your pet is the side entry hole that this furniture is designed with. It’s only available on one side but the walls are reversible. You don’t have to worry about its placement in your house as you can easily configure it to work well with your home’s layout.

Side Vents with Carbon Filters

If you’re worried about the foul smells that come with litter boxes, fret not. This product will contain the smells so your home won’t smell bad. It also has carbon filters placed on its vents so it can catch the bad odors before it wafts out of the box.

Additional Accessories Available Separately

To boost the functionality of this product, you can also get the additional Wood Litter Catch separately. You can also purchase additional carbon filters so you can keep using the furniture without having to worry about smells.

Product Benefits

While the features alone are already promising enough, the Refined Litter Box has a lot more to offer. Here are a few of its advantages that you can also enjoy:

Hides Cat Litter Box Seamlessly

The biggest charm this product has is that it can effectively hide your litter box without keeping your pet from doing what they need to do. It offers a win-win situation for you and your pet because you don’t have to live with plastic furniture and your pet can still do their thing peacefully.

Controls Odor

Lots of cat parents worry about their homes smelling like cat excrement. This product can help prevent that as it contains the cat toilet effectively.

Provides Privacy

A lot of cats won’t do their dirty business out in the open, so this product can be a good option if your pet is rather shy.

Looks Nice

It really doesn’t hurt that this product looks quite nice. No one will even suspect that it’s a cat litter box.

Holds Everything in One Place

The additional storage spaces in this product make everything easily accessible so maintenance can be made simple. You can keep your cleaning tools in the top drawer so you can always make the chore of cleaning the litter box more efficient and less of a hassle.

Available in Two Colors and Sizes

Not sure if this product can look good in your space? You can choose between the Espresso and Mahogany color varieties to better match your interiors. This means that there’s a good chance that it will complement most homes.

Buyer Feedback

To make a decision, learning about what users are saying about the Refined Feline Refined Litter Box can also help. For this, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular reviews about the product:

Easy to Assemble

This product will require some assembly, so you have to be ready to put it together. The parts are labeled well and instructions are available so it shouldn’t be too hard to do.

Solid Materials

Lots of users like that the product is made of a solid material. This tends to offer durability and longevity. As the item is not cheap, it also offers good value for your money.

Attractive Appearance

This product’s design is its biggest draw so it also shouldn’t come as a surprise that lots of people find it very attractive. This lets you avoid having a plastic furniture at home while adding a pretty piece instead.

Final Verdict

Being a cat parent doesn’t mean your house should be filled with tacky-looking cat furniture. The Refined Feline Refined Litter Box proves this.

This product will let you choose something that looks nice for your home without sacrificing your pet’s comfort and well-being. So if you want to balance caring for your pet and having a nice, beautiful home, this product can be of great help.