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Keeping your cat happy is important, and we all know that many cats are finicky when it comes to their “bathroom.” The kitty litter box has always been an issue for cat and owner alike. Cats love a clean litter box. They no more want to dig around in their waste than people do. But there are times when we are not home for long durations, or there are multiple cats in the home, where the litter box can fill up quickly.

Vets all around recommend that the litter box is cleaned at least once a day; giving your cat a respectable, clean, and inviting place to do their business. Sometimes once a day does not fit in with the modern, hectic life style; not to mention the undeniably unpleasantness of scooping a litter box by hand.

Scooping a litter box is a messy affair, to say the least. The dust kicks up, the odors are stirred up, and it is a highly unsanitary process which requires cleaning afterward.

In 2005 ScoopFree® released the first Scoop Free litter box, and since then owners have expressed their joy with the novel application. The Scoop Free litter box does two very important things that mutually please the cat and owner. The Scoop Free is an automated, self-cleaning litter box that rakes and safely stows the waste in a closed compartment. The self-cleaning litter box also employs what Scoop Free calls, Premium Blue Crystals. These crystals are composed of an absorbent silica gel that works to absorb urine and its odor quickly. The Premium Blue Crystal neatly clumps for easy collection with the automated rake.

It is well known that cats like their litter clean and usually in a fine grain. Cats are well known to be picky, and express their discontent; so most cat owners know how to “listen” to their beloved pets, and cater to their needs. If a cat is not happy with the litter type, they generally will let you know, in rather unpleasant ways. There may be instances where your cat does not like the new Premium Blue Crystals, so it may take a while for your cat to acclimate to the new litter. There may be cases where the cat does not take to the different type of litter, at all. Overall the Premium Blue Crystals are quite absorbent, and are effective in reducing odors.

Here’s how the Scoop Free works: After your cat uses the litter box, an automated rake combs through the tray 20 minutes after the cat has left the box. Sensors are triggered within the box when your cat enters and exits the litter box. The rake scoops the waste into an enclosed compartment, stowed away from sight and eliminating any residual odor; leaving a clean tray for your cat’s next visit; and leaving you free from having to do the messy, daily cleaning. Vets recommend changing the disposable tray once a week for single-cat homes, and a little more frequently with multiple-cat homes: depending on the number of cats and their litter box habits.

Scoop Free uses a plastic-lined disposable litter tray that comes full with the Premium Blue Crystals. The lined tray prevents leaking, and helps mask odor. All you have to do is slide out the cartridge-like tray, put the lid back on top of the box, and throw the closed box away. Then take a new, fresh, disposable tray, slide it into the Scoop Free Litter Box and you’re ready to go.

The Scoop Free Litter Box comes in two models: The Scoop Free Original, and the Scoop Free Ultra. Both are convenient to use. The Scoop Free comes with a one-year warranty, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. If your cat is not happy with the new arrangement, then you can return the litter box.

You can simply order the disposable trays online, and have them delivered directly to your home. The need to run to the pet store to grab litter is also removed from the list. You can also schedule deliveries on a regular basis, do you don’t have to worry about forgetting.

There’s nothing worse than a house that smells like a litter box, and there’s nothing sadder than having cats that are depressed, or start developing anxiety around going to the bathroom. It may be one of the best decisions you’ve made for your cat, giving them a consistently clean and orderly litter box. You will no longer dread having to scoop by hand excrement and urine. The Scoop Free makes lingering odors fade away and frees you from the dirty task of scooping litter. This may be the answer to the dirty, little problem that you’ve been looking for.