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ScoopFree® litter trays are convenient to change, order, and dispose of.

When you purchase a ScoopFree Litter Box, no matter the model, you can use the same size ScoopFree trays. The trays are simple to use, change, and dispose of without any mess, odor or unpleasant experience.

The Scoop Free Premium Blue Crystals and the Scoop Free Crystals

There are two types of trays, the Premium Blue Crystal tray, and the Free Crystals tray. The Premium Blue Crystal trays come lined with a plastic liner and are filled with the ScoopFree® blue crystals which are designed to eliminate odors and moisture effectively. These trays come with a top to the box, so that you can simply close the box and throw them away in the garbage with no odor or kicked up litter dust.

The Free Crystal trays come with the lined tray, filled with the Free Crystals, which are made without any dye or perfume. The boxes are made with recycled material. There are no tops included, so you can stack and store many trays without taking up too much space. The Free Crystals are equally effective in fighting odor and absorbing moisture as the Premium Blue Crystals, just without any dyes or perfumes.

Both forms of crystals are more effective than conventional litter in that they absorb more moisture and eradicate odor more effectively while using less crystals than you would conventional litter. The crystals are also 99% dust free, thus eliminating the dirty and grimy process of filling new boxes, or kicking up dust when scooping.

Scoop Free Trays Are Easy to Order

It’s easy to purchase new trays online. You can order them one at a time, or order in larger quantities. There’s also a nice option to schedule the orders in advance. Your credit card only gets billed when the prescheduled order ships. You can cancel orders that have not shipped at any time. What’s even better is that the trays arrive right to your home, eliminating the annoying tasks of having to drive and buy litter and liners.

You won’t have to clean out the litter box and change the liner any more. Often the worst smells cling to plastic litter boxes, and you have to change out the old, used plastic liners which often smell terrible. With either the Premium Clue Crystal or the Free Crystal trays you simply slide out the old, and insert the new, fresh tray. With the Premium Blue boxes, you cover the box with its lid and toss them in the garbage. They are safe for throwing away. The Free Crystals are safe to dispose of, and will not linger in your garbage festering. The odors are nearly completely eradicated. And the fact that the Free Crystal boxes are made with recycled materials makes it easier on the environment.

Let’s face it; the worst thing about owning cats is the dreaded litter box issue. Both cats and owners dislike a filthy litter box, and they can often ruin the smells that fill a home. The ScoopFree crystals are effective in hiding odor, and the self-cleaning litter boxes are great at removing the waste from sight, storing the old litter away in a closed compartment. The crystals that remain out in the litter box are clean and fresh, ready to handle the next visit. You will no longer have to inspect the box daily, bending down, scooping, pouring, and shoveling into pails old kitty litter.

Using the Scoop Free may be better for the environment and for your cat’s health. Using less litter to do a better job is a good thing. Being able to have trays delivered right to your door saves you the time and gas involved in driving all around town. And having a fresh, clean tray to use on every visit is much healthier for your cat.

ScoopFree offers three different models with their self-cleaning litter box. There is the ScoopFree Original, the ScoopFree Ultimate, and the ScoopFree Slider. Each model uses the same size and type litter tray, giving you the choice and flexibility to use the Free Crystal version, or the Premium Blue Crystal version. It all depends on the personality of your cat, the number of cats you have, and the frequency and habits of the cat in using the litter box.

Your cat may not take to the Blue Crystals, so you can try to use the Free Crystals, instead—or visa-versa. Most cats are picky creatures, and they grow attached to habits and products. Many cats prefer fine grained litters. You should closely watch your cat’s behavior toward the new self-cleaning litter box, to see if you need to make adjustments between using the Premium Blue or the Free Crystals. Often times the cat just needs a short window of acclimation and they are good to go. Once they are used to the new tray they will be pleased with the cleanliness and the convenience that the Scoop Free trays offer.