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Lots of cat parents love their fur babies to bits but absolutely hate having to clean their litter boxes. This isn’t surprising because the chore is just plain gross and can be manually intensive.

If you’re one of the many who’s willing to shell out money just so you can get rid of this chore entirely, this Litter Robot 3 review is for you. This device will take care of the dirty job for you so you can spend your time with your cats instead.

What exactly is the Litter Robot 3? Also known as the Litter Robot 3 Open Air, this self-cleaning litter box takes the concept to the next level with its unique design. How is it any different from other automated litter boxes and why should you choose this over the others? Find out below.


Get to know the Litter Robot 3 with its features:

Self-Cleaning Litter Box Robot

As mentioned above, the Litter Robot 3 is a self-cleaning litter box. It self-cleans after each use so you don’t have to manually scoop out the solid waste. This makes it a dependable pet appliance as it takes care of one of the most tiresome chores for cat parents.

Litter Chamber with a Self-Adjusting Cat Sensor and Adjustable Clean Cycle Timer

The spherical-shaped litter chamber is where the magic happens. This is where you’ll need to put in the clumping litter as it’s where your cat will do their business. It’s equipped with a self-adjusting cat sensor that triggers the adjustable Clean Cycle timer.

When the timer runs out, the sifting action of the chamber is initiated. This starts the slow turning action of the chamber so the solid waste left by your cat will be transferred to the waste drawer.

Aside from its automated action, the litter chamber also has an upward-facing opening which gives it an ‘open air’ feel. This is where the product got its name.

Waste Drawer with Carbon Filters

Like other self-cleaning litter boxes, the Litter Robot 3 also comes with a waste compartment in the form of a drawer. It’s easy to access and is equipped with carbon filters to control the bad odors.

For easy cleanups, you can count on its ‘full’ indicator light. You can also opt to use plastic liners for mess-free waste disposals. You can get them directly from Litter Robot or you can get regular trash bags that fit the drawers to get the job done. You can also just opt to dump the contents into a recycled grocery bag and wash the drawer for next use.

Automatic Night Light

This product also comes with an automatic night light so your cat can still find their toilet in the dark.

8-hr Sleep Mode

If your cat doesn’t use their toilet in the night, you can cut down this item’s electricity consumption by using its Sleep Mode. This can also save you from hearing the Clean Cycle kick in repeatedly all night long.

Product Benefits

While its features are already exciting enough for lots of shoppers, you might still want to know more about what this product can offer. So on top of the things that it can do, here are some of its biggest benefits that might just convince you to get the Litter Robot 3.

Saves Up to 50% on Litter

One of the biggest promises of this product is that it can help you cut down your litter consumption by up to 50%. Due to its efficiency, it promises to only remove soiled litter. This will require you to refill the chamber less frequently than with a regular litter box.

Durable Construction

The Litter Robot is also guaranteed to be durable. It’s made to handle cats of all sizes so you can be sure that it won’t buckle under the weight of your feline friend.

Enclosed Design Minimizes Messes

As it also uses a spherical chamber, it can promise not to be as messy as traditional litter trays and boxes. Its enclosed design will prevent litter spillage so you don’t have to keep cleaning around this litter box.

No Special Accessories or Consumables Required

Unlike other self-cleaning litter boxes, this product doesn’t really need special accessories or consumables to fully function. You can use any trash bag that fits the waste drawer or even recycle used grocery plastic bags for disposal. You’re also not required to get a specific kitty litter as long as you use one of the clumping variants.

These make it a practical pick in the long run as you won’t have to keep spending money to use this product.

Easy to Clean

You can disassemble the Litter Robot into four parts which makes it easier to clean. You can wash the globe and the waste drawer. The base and bonnet can’t get wet but since it shouldn’t get in contact with cat waste, you don’t have to worry about having to wash them.

It’s recommended to wash the globe at least once a month. As for the drawer, it depends on whether you use plastic liners or not. If you do, you can opt to wash it at least a few times a month. If you don’t, it’s best to wash it every time you dump its contents out.

90-Day Money Back Guarantee & 18-Month Warranty

The manufacturer of the Litter Robot 3 is confident with the quality of their products so they offer a money-back guarantee and a decent warranty for this item. This further promises durability to consumers.

Buyer Feedback

To help you fully get to know the Litter Robot 3, you should also learn what buyers say about its performance. For this, here are a few of the most popular feedback points this product has received:
Very Convenient to Have at Home

The Litter Robot 3 is designed to automate litter box cleanups for you so you won’t need to clean a litter box ever again. This makes it very convenient for every cat parent. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and is equipped with lots of handy features so it can simplify your cat parenting chores.

Worth the Money

There’s no denying that this product costs a pretty penny but with its functionality, it’s definitely worth it for lots of cat parents. The fact that it will do one of the most hated cat parenting chores for you makes it well worth every penny for some people. So if you have the budget for it, it can improve your quality of life.

Very Easy to Set Up and Operate

What makes it even more attractive is the fact that it’s very easy to set up and operate. Using this cat litter box is fuss-free so it can really simplify one of the hardest parts of being a cat parent.

Final Verdict

The Litter Robot 3 may require taking a leap of faith because of its price tag. But with its functionality, it can definitely be well worth the risks. If you want to skip the hassle that comes with litter box maintenance, this product can be a solid investment.