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If you have been shopping around for a good litter box enclosure for your pet, you will know that these things come in just about every shape and size. This makes choosing one a challenge as there are just so many different options available. You’ll find them fashioned after cabinets, cupboards, side tables, end tables, and even nightstands.

In this Merry Little Box Pet House and Litter Box review, we’ll help you get to know a nightstand-type pet furniture. This product is a popular choice for its design and versatility, so it might just tickle your fancy. Get to know more about it below.


To help you become familiar with the Merry Little Box Pet House and Litter Box and its offerings, here are its set of features:

Nightstand-Style Pet Furniture

As mentioned above, this item is fashioned after a nightstand. This means that it’s not wide but it offers ample vertical space inside. It also has a relatively high top surface so it can be placed next to your bed or couch. It also won’t look so out of place on its own in a hallway, your bathroom, or other rooms inside your home.

Interior Space

The main feature of this product is its interior space. It can easily fit a litter box or a bed so it’s suitable to be used as a little box enclosure or an indoor pet house.

Front Door with Pet Hole

Providing access to the interior space is the front door of this unit. It also comes with a pet hole so your pet can easily come and go on their own.

Open Shelf

Adding functionality to this product is its open upper shelf. It has a small storage area for various small items and knickknacks so you can make the most out of this pet furniture. If you’re going to use it as a nightstand, it can nicely hold small items.

High-Quality MDF Material

An important thing to note about this product is that it’s made of high-quality MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard. It’s not made of wood, so it’s best to manage your expectations. Despite its material choice, though, it’s still very sturdy.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Adding a luxurious feel to this pet furniture is its use of stainless steel hardware. Its door handle and towel bar give it a tougher appearance that complements its delicate appeal.

1-Year Warranty

This product also comes with a 1-year warranty, so you can be sure to count on the manufacturer in case this product fails to meet your needs.

Product Benefits

Aside from its solid features list, what are the other reasons why you should give this product a shot? Here are the benefits you can get from this item so you can weigh your options more closely:

Highly Versatile

As the name suggests, this product can function as a pet house or a litter box. If you have a dog at home, it can work as a crate or hideout for them. If you have a feline friend, it can be an excellent litter box enclosure. It all depends on your pet how you can make use of this piece.

No matter what your pet is, though, you can still be able to use it as a nightstand or as an additional surface for your home. While it serves as a cat toilet or home to your fur baby, it can also function as a bedside surface for you. This makes it very useful and even space-efficient.

Contains Odors Effectively

One of the most important things to look for in a cat litter box enclosure is its effectiveness in odor control. This Merry Products item gets to meet that need as it can easily prevent bad odors from wafting out of its interiors.

Attractive Appearance

It also doesn’t hurt that this item looks nice. It can blend in nicely with most modern interiors so you shouldn’t worry about it sticking out like a sore thumb.

It’s also a great plus that it’s available in three different finishes. You can choose from white, espresso, and walnut color options so you can find the best match for your interiors.

Buyer Feedback

To help you learn more about this product, you should also look at its reviews. Buyer feedback will tell you whether it’s worth getting. What exactly are users saying about this item? Here are a few of its most notable comments:

Looks Nice

One of the first things that attract buyers to this product is its nice appearance. If you’re after something that looks gorgeous and will complement your interiors, this can be a good choice.

Fairly Easy to Assemble

While there are mixed opinions about its assembly, a lot of people found that it’s relatively simple to put together. You might need to get some help if you want to do it faster, though.

Controls Odors Nicely

A lot of buyers are actually surprised that this product can control odors rather effectively. As it doesn’t have vents and carbon filters, it won’t completely eliminate the smells but at least it can help stop your cat litter tray from stinking up the whole house.


Some buyers also expressed their surprise that this item is quite hefty. As it’s not made of actual wood, some folks didn’t expect it to feel as sturdy as it is.

Useful Tips

To make the most out of this product, buyers also shared a few tips that you might want to know about if you’re going to use it as a litter box enclosure:

  1. Get a high-back litter box. This can prevent your cat from spraying pee on the walls of the furniture.
  2. Line the insides with plastic for easier cleanups.
  3. Consider waterproofing the interiors and caulking the seams to extend its life. As this product is made of MDF, it requires additional protection against liquids.

Final Verdict

The Merry Little Box Pet House and Litter Box can definitely be a great pick if you want a multifunctional and good-looking pet furniture to add to your home. However, you should also take note of a few crucial points before getting this product to make the most out of it. Despite this, it can still be the perfect match for a lot of households.