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Using the Scoop Free Original Litter Box will bring happiness to cats and owners in homes around the world. There will be no cleaning and scooping of messy litter with a Scoop Free in the house.

The Scoop Free Litter Box is a self-cleaning litter tray that employs the use of the ScoopFree® Premium Blue Crystals, and plastic-lined disposable litter trays. This is a wonderful option for homes with multiple cats, and for homes whose owners usually find themselves on the go.

Vets recommend that an owner clean a litter box once a day, for single cat homes, and more frequently for boxes that more than one cat uses. Sometimes we just don’t have the time for a daily scooping, but we don’t want our beloved pets to suffer.

Let’s face it, cats are picky animals. They are choosy about their diet, rest, and socializing. But they are most finicky when it comes to the condition of their “bathroom.” There is not a single kitty who likes to go to a filthy litter box, and dig around in their own waste. For many cats this can lead to anxiety, depression, and rebellion. A cat much prefers a clean space to do their business. If their litter is not cleaned, or is downright neglected, they will naturally opt for going on the carpet, or worse, bedding.

The Scoop Free Original has enjoyed many improvements since its 2005 debut. These self-cleaning devices are a good size for your cat, and they absorb odor effectively, and are quiet and reliable machines. What’s nice about the Scoop Free is that it removes three distasteful qualities away. First, there is no more hand scooping filthy trays. Second, there are no more lingering odors, filling the house. And lastly, there’s no more dusty pouring litter, and throwing away used litter by hand.

When your cat enters the Scoop Free tray, a sensor recognizes the action. The kitty uses the tray and leaves, triggering another sensor. So that we don’t rush your cat in the process, the sensor waits for 20 minutes after the cat leaves, and triggers the automatic rake to comb and scoop the refuse into a closed compartment. The waste and odor are automatically cleaned out of the tray and neatly stored away for later disposal. The kitty has a fresh tray for the next use, and you don’t have to scoop litter daily.

Then, once a week or so you simply exchange the used tray for a new one by sliding out the used one, and then inserting a fresh tray, pre-filled with the Premium Blue Crystals. Each tray comes with a lid, so you place the lid over the spent tray, and toss it away in the garbage. The process is that easy. There are no more litter pails, and no more dusty cleanings, no more monthly cleaning of the litter box container. All the unpleasantness of the litter box is virtually taken away with the Scoop Free.

Scoop Free trays can be ordered on the internet and shipped directly to your home. There’s no hassle or errand running for bags of litter, and you don’t have to breathe in the fine dust when pouring new litter into boxes. It is not fun to exchange out old box liners for new ones. Often the most pungent odors remain in the box, even if you scoop litter daily. The Scoop Free tray process removes all those pleasantries.

Cats are particular to the type and texture of their litter. Some cats may have grown too attached to a specific type of litter, as well. You may encounter some resistance from your kitty if they are not comfortable with the crystals in the Scoop Free. They may not be comfortable with the grain size or the texture of the silica gel. You will have to watch their litter behavior for the first few days. Most of the time cats adjust well, and eventually grow attached to the crystals; because every time they need to use the litter box, it will be clean and prepared for them.

Don’t worry; there is a 90-day money-back guarantee on the Scoop Free Original. If your cat does not take to the new litter box and litter, then you can return the product. If your cat does take to it, then you can enjoy a one-year warranty. Browse through the testimonials from some customers, and you’ll find owner and cat equally content with the new litter box.

It is time to help out your dear cat and give yourself a break from the unpleasant daily chore of scooping dirty litter. This is a device that will help keep the home fresh, keep your pet happy and content, and will free you up for using that time otherwise scooping, doing something that makes you happy and content.