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Any passionate cat lover will not let the fact that they live in a small space prevent them from caring for a feline friend. With the help of the right products, you can make it work.

This Trixie Wood Cat Home and Litter Box review presents an option for a product that can help you create a better living arrangement with your cat and their litter box. With its size and design, it’s an appealing option for lots of apartment and tiny home dwellers. It might just work out for you, so here are the very details you need to get to know this product better.


For the basic details about the Trixie Wood Cat Home and Litter Box, here’s a list of its key features. It can tell you what this product can offer to cat parents like you:

Cupboard-Style Design

Fashioned after a regular cupboard, this product can easily blend into any room it’s put in. It looks like a regular piece of furniture so you don’t have to worry about it looking weird in your home.

This can be an important point for small homes as every piece can be noticeable. By choosing a cat litter box enclosure that complements the interiors, you can be sure that it will do a good job of concealing your cat’s washroom.

Swing-Out Front Door with a House-Shaped Kitty Hole

Equipped with a single swing-out front door, this cat litter box enclosure looks very modern and modest. This feature also makes its contents very accessible. You won’t have to fumble when taking out and cleaning a dirty litter box with its help.

In addition to its functionality is the kitty hole found right in this item’s front door. It’s house shaped so it adds a touch of whimsy to the product. It also provides easy access for your pet so they can enter and exit this enclosure as they wish.

Air Ventilation Holes

Another standout feature that this product has is the series of air ventilation holes placed in its back panel. This will ensure that your pet won’t get suffocated if you’re using this as an indoor pet house.

If you intend to use this as a litter box enclosure, however, this might let odors escape. You can remedy that by pushing the back panel against the wall so the holes can be closed off.

Fits Standard Litter Boxes and Small Pet Beds

This pet furniture isn’t a big one so it can only accommodate standard litter boxes and small pet beds.

MDF Material

It’s also very important to note that this item is made of MDF wood. You might need to be careful not to get it wet as its exposure to liquids might cause it to warp or become damaged.

Product Benefits

Apart from learning about the things that it can offer, you might also be wondering about the benefits that you can enjoy from owning this litter box cabinet. So to help you weigh your options better, we’ve listed down the advantages of having this Trixie Wood product in your home:

Versatile and Multifunctional

Made to function as a pet home or a litter box enclosure, this product can certainly offer various uses. You can opt for it with various applications in mind and still get good results.

As it’s also designed like a regular cabinet, you can count on it to be multifunctional. While its interiors serve as a cat home or litter box enclosure, you can still use its top surface for other purposes. You can use it as a low table or a display surface. It can also hold a number of essentials or other items for your pet.

Can Match Most Modern Interiors

Thanks to its modern minimal design, you can also expect this item to blend in nicely with your home’s furnishing. It can complement many contemporary homes’ decor.

Attractive Appearance

It’s also safe to say that this product is attractive. It has an appealing look so it can definitely help you conceal your cat’s toilet.

Its kitty hole detail also makes it quite interesting. The contrast between its classic cabinet design and its house-shaped kitty hole gives it a playful and modern appeal.

Available in Two Colors

You can choose between the White and Espresso varieties for this cat litter box cabinet. This offers a good way for you to find a good match the existing furnishings in your home.

Equipped with Ventilation Holes to Ensure Good Air Circulation

Worried about your pet’s safety inside this enclosure? This item’s ventilation holes can ensure that it will have enough air circulating inside. This is a great plus if you intend to use it as an indoor pet house.

Buyer Feedback

Now that you know what this product has to offer, the next important thing that you should know about is how it actually performs. Reviews are the best sources for such information. So to help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the most frequently mentioned points in the reviews for this item.


A lot of people note that this product is quite sturdy even if it’s not made of actual wood. This guarantees that it can handle your pet’s weight and can double duty as a table surface.

Great for Small Homes

Due to its small size, it can be a great pick for small homes. Not only will it keep the cat toilet out of sight, but it can also help you maximize your space. By adding another furniture in the mix, the space your cat litter is using can function as a table surface as well. It can extend the usefulness of your limited space as a result.

Easy Assembly

Buyers also appreciated how easy to assemble this product can be. Its instructions are detailed, despite the small print. You can also put it together on your own but an extra pair of hands can also be very helpful.

Final Verdict

Getting a few pieces of cat furniture may seem counterintuitive for some people who live in small houses but the right pieces can actually be more helpful than obstructive. The Trixie Wood Cat Home and Litter Box is a good example of such. Its versatility and multifunctionality can be the very thing you need to make your space work for you and your pet.