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There may be tons of good options for a cat litter box cabinet but not all of them will suit the arrangement of your interiors. Not every household can work with a unit that comes with a side kitty hole despite most of them being reversible. They may be very discreet but some folks just want something more unobtrusive in their homes.

If you’re after the subtlest cat furniture to hide your cat litter box, you might find this Way Basics Eco Friendly Box review an interesting read. With its unique design and straightforward functionality, it’s an option that you shouldn’t miss.


Interested in getting to know the Way Basics Eco Friendly Box? Here are its main features to help you discover what it can offer:

Low-Height Cabinet Design

Standing at about 17” tall, this litter box cabinet has a low height that makes it unassuming and inconspicuous. It also allows it to double duty as a low surface for various purposes. Depending on where you intend to place it, you can be sure to put it to good use.

Its cabinet design is also very noteworthy because it looks just like most minimalist media centers available today. Its low height further establishes the resemblance.

2 Front Doors

What makes this product look like a cabinet is its pair of front doors. These hinged doors provide easy access to its interiors so you don’t have to struggle to put in and take out the litter tray.

Open Shelf Entry

This is the very feature that makes this Way Basics product stand out from most of the other litter box cabinets available today. Instead of using a kitty hole on the side of the cabinet, it uses an open shelf design for your cat’s entry and exit.

This feature also makes it more versatile and flexible. It frees you from the need of having to find a good spot that can provide access to the side hole. You can place it anywhere with its front clear of obstructions and you’re good to go.

Due to this design, you can also re-purpose this piece of furniture. In case it doesn’t work out as a cat litter box cabinet for your feline friend, you can still use it as a reliable storage solution.

30-lb Weight Capacity

This cat furniture can hold up to 30 lbs so it won’t buckle under your cat’s weight. It’s not suitable to be used as a seating surface, though, so you should try to prevent everyone from doing that.

Scratch Pad

Completing this product’s list of features is the scratch pad that it comes with. This serves as a litter mat to prevent tracking. It effectively traps litter pieces so you don’t have to constantly sweep and vacuum the floor surrounding the litter box.

Product Benefits

What else can this Way Basics product offer to cat parents? Here’s a list of its promised benefits that might get you even more interested:


One of the biggest promises of this product is eco-friendliness. Made of zBoard, this item uses sustainable materials instead of solid wood. It’s made of recycled paper and wood which makes it a more sustainable and greener pick.

The production of this product is also very friendly to the environment and safe for your pets. It’s free of toxins, VOC, and formaldehyde so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your pet’s system.

Looks Just Like Normal Furniture

A lot of cat parents will also benefit from the appearance of this item. It doesn’t look like a cat furniture so it can blend in without a hitch with most people’s interiors.

Prevents Messes

Another good reason why cat parents opt to get litter box cabinets is that they do a great job of preventing messes. By containing the litter box, you won’t have to clean the area around it all the time as there won’t be any spills. This proves true for this Way Basics cabinet as well.

The litter mat/scratchpad also helps prevent tracking effectively. It’s designed to trap pieces of litter in between its gaps so your cat won’t walk around the house spreading gross stuff.

Available in 3 Finishes

Worried that this product won’t match your decor? Fret not as it’s available in three colors. You can take a pick from these options to help you find a cat litter box cabinet that will suit your home.


As this product looks just like a regular low-height cabinet, there’s no reason why it won’t work as a storage solution in your home. In case your pet didn’t like it, you’re not left with a useless piece of furniture as you can definitely repurpose this item.

Buyer Feedback

To help you cover all your bases, here are also a few of the most notable feedbacks this product has received from actual buyers. These should help you get to know how this Way Basics product performs and assist you in weighing your options better.

Very Easy to Assemble

A lot of buyers appreciate the simplicity of its assembly. You don’t need any tools to put the parts together as it uses 3M industrial adhesive tape and pins instead. All you have to do is to peel the paper backing of the tape, align the panels together, and then stick them up. You’ll then have a complete litter box cabinet in minutes.

Unobtrusive and Multifunctional

Another point buyers loved about this product is its design. It really doesn’t look any different from regular furniture so it won’t distract from your interiors.

It’s also very multifunctional because of its design. Aside from being a cat litter box cabinet, you can also use its surface for other purposes. You can even use this item for an entirely different application in case it didn’t work out for your pet.

Don’t Get it Wet

One important note, however, is that you should make sure that it won’t get wet. As it’s made of paper, it can expand and warp out of shape. You should also keep the contact points getting wet as the tapes may lose their adhesiveness.

Final Verdict

The Way Basics Eco Friendly Box appeals through its beautiful design, eco-friendly construction, and versatility. So if these are what you’re looking for in a cat furniture, this product might be a very good pick for you. It has a lot to offer despite its simplicity, so it’s certainly worth considering.